Cyrus has given the following lectures on the back of the issues covered by his first novel, ‘City of Thieves’.


8 November 2018

Dulwich College, London

A talk to students at Dulwich College on the thrills and spills of a career in investment banking.


8 February 2017

Harrow School, London

“Honour amongst bankers” a talk to Harrow School boys aged 13 to 18 about what life in the “City” was like when I started, back in 1990, and how it has changed now.


28 November 2011

St Joseph’s Institution International High School, Singapore

“A beginner’s guide to the banking crisis” a talk to year 11 students interested in understanding what went wrong in the global banking system


29 March 2011

Mayfair Library Book Club, London

“Real life imitating art” … Author Cyrus Moore and financial journalist Deborah Hargreaves, Chair of High Pay Commission and former senior editor at The Guardian and Financial Times, debated the banking crisis.

Comments from some who attended:

‘A brilliant event, what a coup to get such good quality speakers’

‘Brownie points for Mayfair Library for such a good event’

‘A really interesting evening, I learnt so much’


2 February 2011

INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau Campus, France

Lecture on “Ethics in Banking”


14 January 2011


Interview with Craig Smith, Professor of Busines Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at INSEAD Business School: “Is it too late for ethical banking?”


14 January 2011

INSEAD Business School, Asia Campus, Singapore

Lecture on “The flaws in today’s investment banking industry”


13 September 2010

Sloane Club, London

Keynote speaker, “How to save our banking system”


7 July 2010

Gayton Library, Harrow

Reading from ‘City of Thieves’


20 April 2010

Forsters Solicitors, London

Keynote speaker, “What’s wrong with the City?”


28 January 2010

Wheatley Park School, Oxford

Interactive session with sixth form students on the issues raised by the banking crisis


1 December 2009

Marshall Society of Economics, Cambridge University

Lecture on “Ethics in Banking”